Sweet Torment IISweet Torment VIIPrairie Center Studio July 2011Dare I Be Happy?Installation view at Illges Gallery, Columbus State UniversityInstallation - Gates of SteelDare I Be Happy (another detail)Dare I Be Happy? (Detail)Fever (Sarah I)Wilda II (The Love Battle)The Sheik's Captive (Diane I)Lorraine I (A Girl Alone)Lorraine II (A Girl Alone)Southern NightsThe Sheik's CaptivePlantation ParadiseSilver StyUnwilling BrideReluctant WifeRomance Novels - Installation imageShroud and Burial, Autumn Equinox
Shroud and Burial, Autumn EquinoxShroud and Burial, Autumn EquinoxShroud and Burial, Autumn EquinoxTabula Rasa - StackWhisper of Darkness BurningDangerous Friendship (Cover)The Unwilling Bride (Cover)Seduction (Cover)Then There Came Love (Cover)Savage Surrenders - Exhibition AnnouncementThe Awakening of Alice
Savage Surrenders 2010-2012

Using bed sheets and other household linens to explore the pattern, structure and impact of a specific line of (deranged) romance novels that I read when I was about 10 years old.